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This is a custom content widget with predefined style. It may contain a title, some text, one image and a link to a page or other element of the site

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The Colosseum

By plane

This is the first group of widgets. These are element on your Homepage that allow you to display valuable dynamic or static content.

By ship

 For example last articles or last galleries are automatically changed, and user defined content stays the same.  You can edit your widgets in the Administrative panel  Main menu > Homepage > Widgets.

By bus

If you choose to create group with predefined content, you don't have to create every widget. Just choose the type of content, i.e. last article.


All the widgets in group with user defined content, have to be created. You have to add the desired content. These are convenient if you want to display different type of content in one group, for example chosen article, chosen gallery or add poll/form

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